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Zig Short in 2011.

Ishaq Sloan (May 4 1990 in Brooklyn, New York, United States) is an American professional freestyle scooter rider based in San Marcos, California, United States. His moniker 'Zig Short' alludes to his height during his childhood. Short is well known for his involvement within ELYTS in addition to the other brands under ownership by Sunshine Distribution. He is the first African American Professional scooter rider to make a successful career, and has built a network leading to the employment of a multi-generational athletes.


In January, 2012, Short attended the sixth annual San Diego Scooter Competition (SD6) and won the best trick contest by performing a bunny hop over a gap into the deep end of a pool. Later that same year he placed 5th place in Australia's Jamo Jam Competition held in Sydney, and tied for 2nd place Pro Dividion during Razors World Domination Tour in Allen, Texas.

ELYTS 216 High-topsEdit

The 216 High Tops are a product concept for a future ELYTS product which will be Zig Short's Signature Shoe. The name '216' is the number which is most visually similar to the word 'Zig,' but also alludes to the brand name 841.