An exploded-view diagram of a typical SCS Clamp and components.

The SCS (Standard Compression System) is a type of freestyle scooter component invented by Andrew Broussard.



A cross-section diagram showing an SCS in use.


On March 12th, 2014 the United States Government granted inventor Andrew Broussard with a United States Patent (#8657522) for his design.

Notch and Keyway ConceptEdit

During the development of the Standard Compression System, Broussard invented a concept consisting of a notch attached to the fork which would fit into a corresponding keyway on the SCS clamp and create permanent column alignment. This idea was scrapped prior to the release of the product and no such keyway is present on any of the manufactured clamps. This idea has not been adopted or pursued by any other brand.



Brandon Kilbury's scooter, featuing an SCS Clamp prototype.

Broussard manufactured a limited number of non-branded prototypes, most of which were tested by riders on the SR/PROTO Team. They were given to Brandon Kilbury, Brian Murphy, Anthony Bustos and Andrew Broussard himself. Only 1 of these prototypes left the United States, which went to Madis Kukk in Estonia, Europe.


The PROTO 'Brass Knuckle' SCS Clamp was released in February, 2009. They sold at Broussard's own SR Store in the United States and Canada, and WEE Scooters in Europe (in very limited supply). They were eventually available in Australia at SkaterHQ.


There are many different variations of the standard compression system, many of which have been developed by brands competing against Broussard's company, PROTO. These include a smaller size, lighter weight and even the use of additional bolts to make 5, 6 or even 8-bolt SCS Clamps.


'United States Application US20110200385' was filed on February 12th, 2010 and was published on October 18th, 2011. When the product released in February 2009, its status was 'Patent Pending' as stated on the product itself.