The Montreux Scooter Contest is an annual scooter contest that takes place in Montreux, Switzerland, and is known for being the first scooter competition to take place in Europe.



The flyer for the 2005 Contest, designed by Delos Fabien

The 2005 Contest took place on 23rd April, 2005 at Empire Skate Building (ESB Montreux) in Montreux, Switzerland.

Sponsors included Micro X-treme, ESB, ASSIR, Sources, Secret Spot, Boarder King and Tropicsnow


Pro: 1st – ???, 2nd – ???, 3rd – ???, 4th – ???, 5th – ???, 6th – ???



Pro (Street): 1st – BenJ Friant, 1st – Martin Kimbell, (tied for 1st place) 3rd – Eric Rabl, 4th Terry Price, 5th - Arthur Blond, 6th - Thibault Coste

Pro (Mini-ramp): 1st – Martin Kimbell, 2nd – Benjamin Friant, 3rd – Terry Price, 4th - Marko Szabo, 5th - Eric Rabl

Best Trick: Flair Channel Gap - Terry Price



Under 14s (Street): 1st – Remi Bouchard, 2nd – Manoah Sauvain, 3rd – Remi Pajan, 4th – Laurence Tempel, 5th – Johan Cajas, 6th – Luckas Theron

Under 14s (Mini-ramp): 1st – Manoah Sauvain, 2nd – Remi Bouchard, 3rd – Remi Pajan, 4th – Michael Goumaz, 5th – Noe Bouchard, 6th – Laurence Tempel

Over 14s (Street): 1st – Balthazar Neveu, 2nd – Joe Oldfield, 3rd – Maxime Legrand, 4th – Lucas Wisdorff, 5th – Jerry Wahlther, 6th – Sulivan Lemoine, 7th - Fabrice Sabbadini, 8th - Martin Antoine

Over 14s (Mini-ramp): 1st – Kilian Dumais, 2nd – Balthazar Neveu, 3rd – Fabrice Sabbadini, 4th – Martin Antoine, 5th – Sulivan Lemoine, 6th – Jeremy Lanfranchi

Pro (Street): 1st – Matt McKeen, 2nd – Michael Cajas, 3rd – Jean-Yves Randriambelson, 4th – Ludovic Pistat, 5th – Eric Rabl, 6th – Terry Price

Pro (Mini-ramp): 1st – Martin Nogol, 2nd – Jean-Yves Randriambelson, 3rd – Benjamin Friant, 4th - Michael Cajas, 5th - Terry Price





The flyer for the 2010 Contest

The 2010 Contest took place from 16th-18th April, 2010 at Empire Skate Building (ESB Montreux) in Montreux, Switzerland.

Sponsors included Whiper, Madd Gear, Dissidence, EagleSport, Skooter.Ch, Micro X-treme, FrenchID, District, Whitebox Shop, ExodeWear,, Cattrem, and Dominator Scooter Accesories



The flyer for the 2011 Contest



The flyer for the 2012 Contest

The 2012 Contest took place from 13th-15th April, 2012 at Empire Skate Building (ESB Montreux) in Montreux, Switzerland.

Sponsors included Blunt Scooters, Whiper, RAW, ISA, Madd Gear, Dissidence, PROTO Scooters, Micro X-treme, FrenchID, Gizmania, District, Whitebox Shop, UrbanArtt, ExodeWear, French Toast Magazine, Apex Pro Scooters, Grit, Flavor, Lucky Scooter Parts, NED, Allis Possible Clothing, Sacrifice,, 006 Scooter, Razor, Freestyle Scooter, ESB, Enjoi, Triple Eight and Scorpo Scooters.


Under 16s (Street): 1st – Mattias Holst, 2nd – Garry Mac, 3rd – Maxime Roy, 4th – Christian Kaiser and Emeric Cicala

Over 16s (Street): 1st – Nicolas Oberlaender, 2nd – Julien Ebeyer, 3rd – Kilian Caillou, 4th – Timothée Henry, 5th – Amine Benbourahla, 6th – Thibaud Dubols and Garbey Taghou

Over/Under 16s (Mini-ramp): 1st – Mattias Holst, 2nd – Kevin Court, 3rd – Kilian Caillou, 4th – Jonas Kiar, 5th – Maxime Roy

Pro (Street): 1st – Ludovic Pistat, 2nd – Alexis Letellier, 3rd – Dan Barrett, 4th – Dakota Schuetz and Boris Germain, 5th – Alexis Cuviller and Raymond Warner

Pro (Mini-ramp): 1st – Dakota Schuetz, 2nd – Alexis Letellier, 3rd – Alexis Cuviller, 4th - Ludovic Pistat, 5th - Dan Barrett



The flyer for the 2013 Contest

The 2013 contest took pace from 19th-21st April, 2013 at Empire Skate Building (ESB Montreux) in Montreux, Switzerland.

Sponsors included Blunt Scooters, Whiper, Madd Gear, Dissidence, District, Whitebox Shop, ExodeWear, Grit, Lucky Scooter Parts, Sculpture Apparel, Razor, Freestyle Scooter, ESB, Fasen, Ethic DTC., Scoot-Mag, French Toast and AirJam Academy.

The Best trick competition was sponsored by Addict Scootering.


Beginner: 1st – ???, 2nd – ???, 3rd – ??? Amateur: 1st – ???, 2nd – ???, 3rd – ??? Pro division: 1st – ???, 2nd – ???, 3rd – ???

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