Maxime Legrand in 2013.

Maxime Legrand (Born December 4, 1989) is a professional scooter rider based in Levallois-Perret, Paris, France. He is known for his riding-based role on the Addict team, assisted by his Signature deck and bars. His nickname, Le Baron, literally translates to 'The Boss' and is used numerously on both his Addict and Allis Possible signature products.

Le Baron Logo

The Le Baron Emblem, consisting of the Addict logo and Agincourt font.

Signature Addict Deck (2012-present)Edit

Deck Addict Maxime dark small

The original version of Maxime's deck (Painted using Pantone 301.)

Deck Addict Maxime small

The version available to the public.

Legrand has a Signature Deck manufactured by Addict. It has a length of 520mm, a width of 116mm and a headtube angle of 83 degrees. The pre-release version of this product is finished with a dark blue paint nearly identical to the Le Baron Pro Model bars, however the retail version of this product is painted light blue due to a manufacturing error. This error remains unchanged even on the Version 1.5 despite that dark blue versions of the deck were still being made for Maxime himself. The dark blue Le Baron decks have been owned by few people other than Maxime (such as Michael Goumaz and Thomas Obadia) and are considered a rarity.

The graphic underneath is branded with 'Le Baron' on top of the Addict Logo and shows the decapitation of a monarch believed to be based on King Louis XIV of France. Underneath is the words 'Street Life' on an edited arrangement based on OCB Slim Premium hemp rolling papers, followed by the words 'Addict' and 'Le Baron' chalk-written repeatedly on a brick wall. On this wall also shows a spliff along one of the dropouts. The graphic was designed by Damien Capozzi.

Signature Addict Bars (2012-present)Edit

Legrand has a Signature Bars manufactured by Addict.


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