Jean yves randriambelson 2

Jandiv in 2012. Taken in Barcelona by Jeremy Lanfranchi.

Jean-Yves 'JD' Randriambelson (Born December 4, 1989) is a professional scooter rider based in Levallois-Perret, Paris, France. He was known for his riding-based role on the Addict team, assisted by his Signature deck and bars.

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Signature Addict Deck (2012)Edit

Deck Addict JD small

The JD Addict deck.

Randriambelson has a Signature Deck manufactured by Addict. It has a length of 530mm, a width of 116mm and a headtube angle of 83 degrees. It has a 3 degree concave and a flat black finish.

The graphic underneath is branded with 'JD' tattooed on a hand raising the middle finger, which JD states is 'for all the haters out there'. Above this is the outline of his home country, Madagascar, overlapping a stereo. The top shows the behind of a female with the words 'Gasy Attitude' (with 'Gasy' being a slang abbreviation for 'Malagasy', a term to describe something relating to Madagascar).

Unlike many of the Addict decks, the graphic on the JD Signature deck matches the graphic on the JD Signature bar.

In November, 2012, Addict ended production of this deck due to JD's termination of his contracted Addict sponsorship, making them a rarity.