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ICS10 is a variation of the ICS Compression System, developed by Kevin Demay. To date this product is only exists within the District, Addict and Ethic range, but is not patented.


Addict Compression Kit

Addict's ICS10 Kit.

The key variation on the ICS Compression is the use of a M10 x 1.25" thread and corresponding M10 bolt, instead of the conventional M6 bolt and thread used within normal ICS, SCS and HIC. This allows the contact between the thread and bolt and external forces to be distributed over a greater surface area.

The other variation is the use of a 1.5" bolt (or 'screw') similar to those used in SCS and HIC - as opposed to the conventional ICS bolts roughly 7 inches in length. To make contact between the bolt and star-nut (up inside the bars) still possible, the bolt rests inside the top end of the forktube rather than the bottom end. In order to be tightened, a special allen key (often 260mm/10.24" long) must be used, and are available from the respective brands.