Brandon Kilbury in 2012.

Brandon Kilbury (born October 5, 1990) is a professional scooter rider based in Rochester, New York, United States. He is known for his rider-based role in the PROTO and Boxes.Ltd teams.

Signature WheelsEdit


Brandon Kilbury's Signature PROTO Wheel.

In May, 2013, PROTO revealed 2 new signature wheels (although only part of each wheel was shown. Through the use of rider-elimination, one of them was widely assumed to be Brandon Kilbury's Signature wheel until it was confirmed. It has dark blue polyurethane on a spoked core that has been polished silver. Etched onto the core are gears and proto logos, as well as Kilbury's signature. It also features the grooved bearing slots (for convenient bearing removal) as are featured on all recent PROTO wheels.


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